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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  June 30, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the company pledged to be a good neighbor. corporate officials said that steps were taken to safeguard against leaks. the very next sheet under the category of fraud makes a reference to that account. the jury checked the record -- checked the gas box when asked if the exxon mobile misrepresented itself when referring to a secondary containment system. the number awarded is staggering. exxon mobil paid -- must pay 160 jacksonville families and businesses a total of $495 million, money loss on property values, emotional distress, and medical monitoring expenses. it is all resulting from a 2006 underground gasoline leak that seep into area well water. the same jury is now deciding how much of a financial hit the company should take as punishment. plaintiffs have asked the jury to award three to five times as much in punitive damages as a compensatory judgment. the lawyers explained the purpose is to express the
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outrage of the community regarding coming in his words, the company's lead and my approach. -- leak and lie approach. earlier this week, the jury's -- the jury was advised that damages should be considered. before deliberating began, lawyers representing the jacksonville community showed the company filings that riposted with the securities and exchange commission. exxon mobile reported $10 billion in profits in the first quarter of this year with a total net worth of $150 billion. at this moment co, attorneys frm both sides were addressing reporters comment and question is just a few moments ago. the jury decided a dollar amount for 160 households. that number will be added to the $495 million the jury has
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already ordered the company to pay a group of jacksonville residents and businesses, and of course, we will pass along further details as they become available. >> thank you and good job on the late breaking details. a guilty plea from the wife of a former prince county executive, jack johnson. leslye johnson admitted in court that she destroyed evidence and try to hide cash from investigators. barry simms is live in the studio. >> leslye johnson is currently serving on the prince george's county council. she called this a difficult day and claimed she made a mistake. johnson pleaded guilty to conspiracy charge. >> i made a mistake for which i today accepted responsibility for my conduct. the >> leslye johnson pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit with is an evidence tampering. >> i only asked not to be
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defined by this mistake, but by the countless days, months, and years i have devoted to serving our community and doing good deeds. rex the 59-year-old wife of prince george's county executive jack johnson admitted flushing a $100,000 check from a developer down the toilet and trying to hide nearly $80,000 in cash by stuffing the money in her underwear just as federal agents knocked on the door of her home. in may, 62-year-old jack johnson pleaded guilty to accepting more than four under $50,000 in bribes. >> jack and leslye johnson are guilty of a -- and abuse of the trust in them. >> authorities said that she clearly had a role in this game. in a wiretapped conversation when her husband after to tear up a check, she suggested flushing it. and she clearly knew that money was being kept in the house.
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>> it was leslye johnson who said, what about the cash in the basement? but according to federal prosecutors, the investigation is active and ongoing. under the plea agreement she could get from a year to 18 months. she has not said if she will resign from a county council post. >> we are going to get an update on the breaking news we told you about just a few minutes ago in west baltimore. captain roy taylor is still over the scene. they got a knock on this. >> they do now, but let me show you video of when they just first arrived on the scene. it was pretty involved in flames. it is hard to fight a fire without water. it turns out that the first two
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fire hydrants that they looked up to were not operational. they ended up calling it a bit more equipment and getting lines in from prad street. they pretty much have the fire under control and there are no injuries reported at this time. >> a seneff vacation in washington. lawmakers are giving up their fourth of july break to deal with the debt crisis bust. the fireworks are already going off. >> leaders say they have work to do even though they are supposed to be off on next week. the holiday for progress. the lawmakers will council -- cancel their fourth of july recess and stay on the job. >> i have had a number of
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senators by the state to me, do we really have to be here? we have to be here. >> the scheduled change comes after president obama chastised and then to keep working on a deal. >> the president says he wants to get working, wants us to get working. i cannot think of a better way than to have him come over today. we're waiting. >> the white house has said that they have already met with gop leaders and have turned down the invitation. >> what the senator invited the president to do is to hear them republicans restate their position. we know what that position is. >> we wish the president would be willing to have that
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conversation rather than listen to his press agent. >> senate democrats are also inviting president obama to capitol hill for a meeting next wednesday. the white house has not yet said if he will attend. >> in tonight's education alert, more than 13,000 maryland students are receiving special education services, and a growing number of them are receiving special assessments. >> we are proud of our student achievements this year. and mathate's reading results show steady progress among maryland special education students. >> state school officials say local districts deserve a lot
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of special credit. >> i think there are some school systems that are working very hard, especially in the education area >> and hard work is paying off. it turns out that a growing number of school systems have developed a lesson plans with special ed students in mind. countless others have added a shift of staff to make sure the students complete the nsa. >> there is a lot of success with student co-teaching with a lot of work to make that instruction relevant to them. >> a special day for more than 1200 young men and women as they embark on a new journey today.
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they are now plebes at the u.s. naval academy. they will take the oath of office at a ceremony that began a little while ago. over 19,000 people have applied to be members of the class of 2015. >> a huge day for them and their families. >> how kleim are marilyn's beaches? find out, coming up. -- how clean our maryland at's beaches? find out, coming up. >> we are checking out the seven-day forecast, coming up. seven-day forecast, coming up.
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>> despite landing in the water, the pilot of this plane actually made it out ok. we are told the plan had -- the plane had some type of failure and it landed in the broad creek. if you plan on taking to the holiday -- the water at the us holiday weekend, make sure you are paying attention. >> not the way they did. >> no. >> many were tested and -- many beaches have been tested and were found to be high in bacteria. >> beach water quality is monitored by the people here at the maryland department of the environment in south baltimore. in a recent report by the national resources defense council some of the work here has been highlighted in a nationally released report. according to this report, maryland ranks 16th among 30,
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and ocean city ranks among the highest quality beaches in the state. >> as you head to your favorite beach this holiday weekend, the national resources defense council has some information you will probably want to know about as part of a 30-state study of beach water quality. the tested all 70 of the beaches line indialantic ocean and chesapeake bay. according to the report in 2010, thathey monitor the beaches that exceeded the daily maximum standards of bacteria. of those beaches, these were the 10 worst. as far as notable accidents rates around the state, kent county had the highest -- notable access rates around the state, can have the highest.
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baltimore county was just 2%. >the maryland department of health has looked at the study and said the storm water management act of 2007 from a which helps control water drainage in the state's largest county is helping somewhat, but should get better with time. >> we have. in place for the largest municipalities. >> the report went on to assign star ratings for the state's most popular beaches. sandy point state park in annapolis got two stars. gunpowder state park, two stars. elk state park, two stars. point lookout, four stars. assateague state park, four stars. and ocean city beaches, four stars.
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some feel bad ocean city -- that ocean city should have received 5 stars like its neighbor in delaware did. >> it is for frequency of sampling, specifically if you sample more than once a week and the ocean city beach is sampled more than once a week. we think richard have five stars. >> if you would like a closer look, remember, it goes over all 70 beaches. i did not even know there were 70 beaches in maryland. you can get a closer look by going to our website we're live in south baltimore tonight. >> and now, your 11 insta- weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> it has been a warmer than normal month of june, but not quite as high as last june. but still over -- warmer than normal overall. it is kind of weird to finish right at normal.
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b.w.i. marshall was up at the 90 degree mark today -- downtown baltimore was at 90 degrees today, but the official record is at the airport and that registered at 86. temperatures were almost down to 50 degrees north and west of baltimore this morning. these are the lows from northern michigan, 45. 57 in charleston, west virginia. officially at the airport here, 60, but i think it will be even cooler than that tomorrow morning. the skies will be clear. this patchy clouds -- these tax cuts will push on through. -- these patchy clouds will push on through. with clear skies, light winds, and dry air, temperatures will cool off quickly after senate -- sunset. there's a nice seabreeze at ocean city.
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for our region, comfortable tonight, 56 in the suburbs and 56 at the inner harbor. heat and humidity is sitting off to the south of us. the weekend will be hot and humid. the first tropical storm of the season, i mean, did make windfall. the winds -- eileen, did make windfall. the winds are down to 40 miles per hour. we do not have any rain in our forecast tonight or tomorrow. we may pick up a thunderstorm over the weekend, but not until the next cold front in the great lakes can start making its approach, and that does not happen until sunday. sunny skies for friday, july 1. northwest winds at 5-10. high-temperature 84-89. heading out on the day tomorrow, a light northerly breeze and a 1 ft. top on the waters of the day.
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-- the bay. sunny skies, 87, and on the lower eastern shore, a lot of folks added to the beach this began. once you reach the beach, a much more probable 80 -- a much more comfortable 80. heat and humidity are the main feature as we get into the weekend. 90 on saturday and 92 on sunday with thunderstorms in the area. on the 20% chance of isolated storms on the 4th of july and tuesday. >> they go through stretches like these. under buck showalter behalf arrived less, by seven games below 500 and the stretches of failing to do anything in a clutch makes fans drop their heads.
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now for the series. with the oriole staff in mild turmoil, that will not do. they failed to score a run after loading the bases with no outs. for some reason, this guy has lived on the bench, but produced when given the chance. this one is desperate to gain the confidence he once showed. the game begins tonight at 7:05 p.m. two decades ago, we played collegiate ball with towson and now he excelled on the national stage. he shot up into contention to enjoy three-way playoff. housel for birdie.
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$75,000 was the check, plus a spot at the pga. >> the golf course was just kind of set up for me. >> it was quite an honor. >> seven years ago, maria sharipov which came out of nowhere, wimbledon crown at the age of 17. jim -- she returns to the semifinals by does so against heavy contenders. a does not care. five-one in the second period and we go to match point. a sticky serving. she does not have anything left
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to give. maria sharipova made a date for the final four. looking completely despondent about the situation, by dog back to business -- but got back to business. please stay with us. i want to check the forecast right after this.
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>> you are out of order. you have to leave this chamber. >> you heard in boston city council members after storming the podium while the council -- you heard him lasting city council members after storming the podium while the council president was speaking. now hear what he wants to be this the council president. -- why he wants to be the city council president. that and more when you join us at
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>> tamari is not a bad date either. buhp -- tomorrow is not a bad day either. but then he cried in for the fourth of july -- the heat cranks in for the fourth of july. classic early july weather. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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